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Student Library Stand

Introduction: We had a lot of awesome books and no library room, so we decided to open a library stand each Monday. This is a great way for the students to not only check out books, but also to work at as well.

OT Target Skills:

-Pre-vocational skills (i.e. greeting customers, proper work manners, checking out books for students)

-Social Participation

-Visual Motor (i.e. matching book to book inventory)

-Leisure (i.e. students are able to choose books they are interested in to read during the week)

Set Up:

  1. We have the library stand every monday for 30 minutes for students to come check out books. Each month, we choose 3 students to work 10 minute shifts.

  2. Students come to the library stand, check out a book and get to keep it until Friday.

  3. We created another student job to collect the library books on Friday.

  4. Each month, we choose 4 different themes for books to put out in the bins.


  1. Library Cards: We color coded each classrom and created a library card for each student. On the library card we have the students' names, a place for the book number and a place for a square of their classroom color. We laminated and velcroed each card.

2. Book Inventory: We categorized each book we had and then created a document. In the document we have a column for the book title and picture of the book, the book letter/number and classroom color. We have one large binder with the entire book inventory and one smaller binder with the books we have out each month. Each month, we take the 4 theme pages out of the large binder and put it into the smaller binder.

2. Colored Bins: We have 4 themes each week and split each theme into the different colored bins.

3. Visuals for the different book themes: We printed a little visual for each book theme and laminated them. When the corresponding themes are at the library stand, we tape the visual to the bin the themed books are in.

4. Visual Script: We have a visual script for students to follow along to when checking books out of the library.

5. Socials Stories: The SLPs made 3 social stories: how to check out a book as a library customer, how to check out books for the student job and how to check in books for the student job.

6. Cart- We use a cart to easily move the books around. When a student is checking in books, they take the cart from classroom to classroom.

Student Librarian Job-Checking out Books:

  1. When it is time for a student's shift, we have them clock in. Below is the document we use:

2. When a student comes to check out a book, we have the student librarian read from the visual script

3. When a student chooses a book, we have the student librarian find the book in the book inventory binder. They then take the classroom color off of the student's library card and place it in the binder next to classroom color. Then, they take the book number out of the binder and put it on the library card next to book number.

Student Librarian Job- Checking in Books:

  1. When it is time for a student's shift, we have them clock in.

  2. They then look at the book inventory and see which classrooms have books.

  3. We have them take a cart around to each classroom and have students or staff bring up the library books and library cards.

  4. They switch out the book numbers and classroom colors in the book inventory binder and on their library cards.

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